Brian Hobbs

  • Instruments:  Bass, Harmonica
  • Home town:  Pittsford, Vermont
  • Years with Satin & Steel: 2002 - 2016
  • Other Bands and Musical Endeavors: 
    • DC-3
    • The Chris Kleeman band
    • The Spider
    • The Kingbees
    • Johnny and the Hancox
    • Jim Duvall and the Gamblers
    • The Judy Daniels Band
    • DJ Turco
    • Tradewinds
    • Jimmy Mee
    • Bruce White
    • Tom Irish
    • On the rocks
    • One night only


In an outrageously good relationship, with the most incredible woman I've ever known, for over 4 years. Looking forward to spending the rest of my life with her.


Two fantastic teenagers. One of each. One just off to college. Another 4 years of high school left. Could not be more proud or grateful.


Owner and operator of Be Music A musical instrument retail store in Rutland for 30 years. Providing sales, service, and 50 years of experience. 


Worked at the Chevrolet truck assembly in Flint Michigan for a little over two and a half years. At that time the largest truck manufacturing/assembly line in the world. I knew from the beginning that I could not cut the 30 years. All my friends stayed and retired or settled about 10 years ago.


Moved up to the Mount Pleasant area MSU and confirm that I was a country boy. Got into the trade of fixing pinball machines, jukeboxes, and video games at the right time. The pong game, asteroids, Pac-Man, Miss Pac-Man. At that time the coin-op business was grossing more than the movie business.


That experience landed me my first job in Rutland. Pulled up to Terrell Street Discount Beverage after coming in to Vermont for the first time. And right in front of me in the window was the back of a jukebox. Bingo! 


From there I moved on to McAuliffe Office Products. I learning how to repair typewriters, dictating machines ,photo copiers, and personal computers.


First time in my life where I've had a day job where I worked with incredible, respectful, fun co-workers and managers.  After the company started to get run into the ground and go downhill I just decided I wanted my life to be music.


I've been playing in bands since I was 13. Tried going on the road a few times but did not like it one bit. I wanted it to be a hobby. Something I always look forward to.

When I had the opportunity to join Satin & Steel I was scared to death. And, totally thrilled at the same time. I had always felt very at ease and comfortable in all the bands I've played in. But, S&S is a different level. I had to work so hard for so long. It was such a good thing for me in so many ways.
The best part was the members. Some of the best people I've ever known. A few of them I've known for years. And, had the pleasure to play with for years.


In particular, Peter Giancola was one of the first musicians I played with when I moved here. He was just out of high school. A little more than green. But, he had that spark, and that energy. We used to call him Mr. Excitement. Still do!


He quickly became a wonderful friend. And for over 33 years has remained one of my favorite people. Peter was a big part of me wanting to join S&S.


The other part was the material and playing in a big horn band. Something I never thought I'd get a chance to do. I had seen the band many times over the years. Usually standing right up front with my jaw on the floor. Moving and grooving.


I've been so fortunate to always get to play with very talented musicians who are above my level. Also, grateful that everybody I've played with has been so gracious, respectful, and more fun than a barrel of monkeys. That's why I've stuck with it so long.


As far as what I love to do besides playing music with good friends and talented musicians. I absolutely love being in Vermont. Mountain biking, Whitewater and Flatwater paddling, Outback cross country skiing. And, going to see live shows.

I've been going on an average to a show a month for 45 years. Another thing that has kept me hooked, inspired, and slightly driven to keep on going down this great road.


I would like to especially thank Billy Comstock. For all the work. All the inspiration. All the commitment. All the love.


This Legacy has continued with love and dedication because of you.


I would also like to thank Billy for all that he did at the Stafford Technical Center. More importantly what he did for the kids that signed up for his class.


His class was one of a kind. I constantly had young customers Rave about him. I still have customers who have been grown up for years that come in and ask about him, and tell me stories about how great it was. He made such an impression, and brought so much inspiration, and passion to education in that field.


It's so great to be a part of this musical family. Truly one of the best experiences of my life. Thanks everyone!