Art Rothafel

  • Instruments:  Guitar
  • Home town:  Villa Park, California
  • Years with Satin & Steel: 1972- 1976
  • Other Bands & Musical Endeavors: 
    • Rock Band Savage
    • Oregano & the Farr Outs
    • DJ Turco
    • Rod 'n Roy



I graduated from Rutland High School in 1972 and immediately moved to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music.  While there I studied music theory and composition.


At the same time, I was invited to play on weekends with Satin & Steel.  The band included Martha Lord, Lisa Kimmey, Billy Comstock, Bill Johnstone, Gregg Carpenter and Billy Shappy.


In 1973, the band morphed into a 9-piece horn band playing rock, soul, R&B and funk.  The band toured New England and New York for about 2 years before down-sizing to a 5-piece and eventually disbanding altogether.


In 1978, I moved to Los Angeles, California where I bounced around from various jobs, rehearsal bands and recording. 


In 1982, I eventually landed a position at Guitar Center in Hollywood, California thanks to Ken Shaw - who also was living in Los Angeles at the time. 


Another Rutland musician, Bill Morgan, had also moved to Hollywood and worked for A&M Records as a technician.  The picture below shows all three of us working in the famous "Studio B" (where "We Are the World" was recorded) at A&M Records. 


Below the photo is a "rough-mix" recording of a song I wrote and we almost finished, called:  "Heartbreak in the City" 

Heartbreak in the City (Lyric Sheet)

** I actually sold this song to a producer filming a documentary about young run-aways and prostitution in Hollywood.  But, like so many things "Hollywood," the funding fell through and he returned the rights back to me.  The only money I ever made writing a song!


Working for Guitar Center and living in Hollywood was a fantastic opportunity to blend music with a "real job." 


It also provided an opportunity to hangout with various rock stars, actors and other creative artists who, at the time were still young and "undiscovered."


In 1987, my entrepreneurial spirit took hold and I started my own marketing and communications consultancy allowing me to once again blend my musical background into visual media and other communications platforms. 


In 1990, I niched my marketing consultancy to focus  exclusively on the health and fitness business - that I still run today. 


The new company called Private Label Fitness, helps health and fitness clubs, studios, personal trainers, medical experts and professional athletes with their marketing and branding.


Some of the most rewarding work these days is assisting young entrepreneurs with various marketing mentorship programs.


In 1992, after a two-year romance, I married the beautiful, Gigi (Laura) who, after 26 years continues to be the love of my life as well as my very best friend.  


We have two daughters, Roxanne (25) and Chelsea (32) -- and are blessed that both have turned out to be wonderful, caring human beings!


I continue to pursue my passions including alpine skiing, fitness and now, thanks to this reunion, a renewed interest music!